Quality is an attitude. It comes before everything else. Riviera is dedicated towards providing the best to its discerning clientele. There can be no compromises when dealing with people’s lives and their cherished properties. At Riviera, the team realises the vital importance of their services and their products. International standards of safety and regulation are not present in merely word-format they are put to practise and employed every single day. This committed approach towards the business of life has propelled Riviera into having a strong, sound, reliable market reputation. When purchasing a Riviera product or service the client is ensured of trust – to deserve and preserve this trust is Riviera’s impetus towards perfection.

Quality Policy

We are engaged in ‘‘Manufacturing, Repair & Maintenance of Glass Reinforce Plastic (GRP) Boats and Swimming Pools’’ and committed to:

  • Deliver quality assured products and services by adding value to our customer requirements
  • Work constantly towards developing innovative solutions for the industry we represent by engaging interested parties
  • Develop risk based thinking to maintain business continuity at all time
  • Strive continuously to improve processes by setting SMART objectives and regular monitoring to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Work as a team, developing best organizational culture conducive to a friendly working environment for continual improvement.
  • Comply with all applicable legal, statutory, regulatory and other requirements

HSE Policy

We are engaged in “Manufacturing, Repair and Maintenance of glass reinforced plastic boats (GRP) and swimming pools” and committed to:

  • Strive for continual improvement by setting HSE objectives, targets and regular performance monitoring with an emphasis on environment and safety.
  • Identify risks and significant impacts that may arise during the execution of the jobs and to establish best operational controls for environmental and occupational health & safety related activities.
  • Lead our employees to communicate, participate and work as a team to develop a better working environment and industry practices.
  • Comply with applicable statutory, regulatory and legal requirements related to the services provided by us.
  • Encourage environmental protection among all interested parties emphasizing on enhancement of biodiversity and ecology
  • Committed to implement an effective HSE system to prevent injury, ill health, environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources resulting from our work activities.


Quality is an attitude.
It comes before everything else