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Technically accomplished and enthused by the ambition that typifies the United Arab Emirates, Integrity's internationally-sourced designer and craftsmen bring you a series of yachts that reflect the challenging and unique environment of their homeland. Yachts conceived with the same drive to exceed all expectation that has earned the country global renown for visionary innovation and unbridled luxury.


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Special for Charter Company 

We are able to customize the boat up charter company needs to suite their requirment of space and cost. The Integrity 55 is already designed to be one of the best Charter boat of UAE. We already have multiple unit running as charter each of them is customized on our customer need.

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In the month of March we are planning to perform open days to allow to our selected customer to do a sea trial of the Integrity 55

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If you are not sure about the product and what boat it will suit at perfection your needs you can have Direct Contact with our expert

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